Create a #OneTap UX for on-chain txs with One API call


Acme is the easiest way to bring everyday users on-chain. With just One API call, you can create a #OneTap UX to execute contract calls with Credit Card or UPI

Why Acme?

⚡️Supercharge conversion

Acme's #OneTap UX supercharges on-chain conversion with 3 minutes of development time.

🛡️ Keep users Safe

Acme provides users with self-custodial Safe wallets that secure $100+ Billion on-chain.

⛽️ Forget about gas

Acme eliminates gas frustrations forever by sponsoring all transactions with its paymaster!

What can you do?

💰Request Payments

Create Payment Links to receive tokens to your wallet from anyone via their Credit Card/UPI.

🪙 Distribute Tokens

Deploy Loyalty Cards/Loyalty Points and Create Minting Links for anyone to claim them.

💬 Contact Us

Questions? Hit us up on our Discord! 💙